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we have a vision for an open georgian government!
we envision an informed, all-inclusive citizenry making evidence-based decisions and participating in government processes, mechanisms, and activities
voting alone does not an open government make
informed = has access to all relevant information to understand an issue
an open government is one where all equally have access to all relevant information about important issues that affect our lives
data → information → understanding → informed decisions
equal access to relevant information = a government, which by default, proactively discloses its data
we have a vision for open data!
open data is the currency of an open and transparent government
open data, while grounded in law, has a spirit, and it is behind the embodiment of this spirit that we stand
open data guidelines for government and civil society organizations
set the default to open
mandate the release of specific new information
stipulate that provisions apply to contractors or quasi-governmental agencies
appropriately safeguard sensitive information
require exemptions to data release be balance-tested in the public interest
require code sharing or publishing open source
mandate open formats for government data
require public information to be posted online
remove restrictions for accessing information
remove restrictions on reuse of information
require publishing metadata or other documentation
create a portal or website devoted to data publication or policy
publish bulk data
create public APIs for accessing information
mandate electronic filing
mandate ongoing data publication and updates
create or appoint oversight authority
create binding regulations or guidance for implementation
incorporate public perspectives into policy implementation
create processes to ensure data quality
create a public, comprehensive list of all information holdings
ensure sufficient funding for implementation
open data is not just for government, but for civil society organizations too
donors should stipulate open data requirements in contracts
open data is about users: how users are able to interface with data is a reflection of the commitment of the agency providing the data to truly inform and empower the public
we have a vision for an open georgian government!
@jsgeorgia | #jsgccdata